High St - Our Church

wellingborough high st church

As a body of people we are very proud and privileged to be stewards of such wonderful buildings which encompass such a rich history and enable our current ministry and mission, as we continue to play our part in the continuing Christian witness.

We recognise that it is vital for the church to maintain relevance in our fast moving society whilst upholding tradition. Here at Wellingborough we are fortunate to have about 90 in our Sunday congregation and many more attending the different weekday activities in Salem Hall and see that an opportunity exists to develop this link between Sunday and weekday church. In particular our priority is to encourage children and young people of all ages, together with their parents /carers, to build a stronger relationship with the church.

Furthermore, as a spirit-led community, who have, over the years, responded to many different opportunities as they have arisen, we understand that our own spiritual growth is essential. Recognising that through encouragement and Bible study our congregation are able to grow in confidence so that the gospel may be more widely known in our community.

With our historic buildings being of some prominence within the town, a further priority is to ensure that in addition to being well maintained they are enhanced, when and where feasible, so as to retain their beauty yet appeal to future generations.

At High Street, following a major refurbishment of our worship area, an upgrade in lighting and an award-winning disabled access, we are now actively looking to continue the enhancement of our facilities. To this effect we plan to improve and upgrade toilet and washing facilities. Discussions are also underway for a major refurbishment to the kitchen and toilets in Salem Hall.