Weddings at High St

Due to the location, size and aesthetic appeal of the building many couples choose High Street as the venue for their wedding. Once they have been married here the couple often class High Street as ‘their’ church and return for other special occasions.

Weddings take place fortnightly on a Saturday, usually from April to October. There tend to be 2 or 3 weddings on each date for which the same person officiates.

As well as our Minister there is a very experienced team from the congregation who help to arrange the weddings. A very capable wedding administrator completes all the paperwork and liaises with the couple throughout the planning process. Flowers are arranged within the Church and 2 stewards are always available on the day. There are 3 authorized persons to complete the certificates.

If you are considering using High St for your wedding please take a look at our wedding guide, as this provides some important information and will help in the planning of your special day.