Caring For God's World Group

It was in the mid-80’s that Ken Flemming, working at the Delos Community in Park Street and worshipping with us at High Street, thought we should focus our thoughts, prayers and action on overseas outreach projects and become more aware of the needs of the poor of the world. He was therefore the inspiration and founder member of the aptly named Caring for God’s World Group.

The first CGWG project was the ‘Spirit of Faith Orphanage’ in Nairobi, Kenya, with Allison Humphrey, in our fellowship and Great Doddington htm, closely involved in their work. Over the years the Group has also helped the following:

The early meetings of the CGWG were held in the Delos home in Park Road , where he lived. Ken’s vision has lived on since that time and when Ken left Wellingborough for Thailand to be a missionary, Mike Seamark then took over the leadership role. His enthusiasm and encouragement saw the Group grow in numbers and influence in the htm, resulting in many successful fund-raising projects.

In addition to annual fund-raising for specific projects, the Group has been active in other areas. We have gathered old hand tools for Tools for Self Reliance to refurbish and send to developing countries. We have written greeting cards, through Amnesty International, to prisoners of conscience throughout the world. The CGWG has sent money to the Bible Society in Central America to help them rebuild their offices and replenish Bibles, etc., destroyed after Hurricane Mitch.

The CGWG has always endeavored to ensure we have an involvement with an individual person or group, who is able to report directly to our fellowship on the progress of the project and how funding is being used.

*Our funds are hard-earned and precious, and the Group need to be assured that money raised will be effectively and responsibly used. As an example of our strict monitoring of funding recipients, in 2004, we had to redirect our sponsorship of the Ziguinchor School Project in Senegal to an alternative school in Peru.

The CGWG tries to be innovative in its fundraising activities. We have the much loved Safari Suppers on alternative years, we have produced cookery books, sold specially made mugs, held themed evenings (French, Peru, Caribbean, Mad Hatter’s Tea Party, Pea n’ Pie Supper, Tramps Evening, etc.) and, of course, regular Coffee Mornings …. we will try anything!

On our pew envelopes we always use the quote from James 2:17 - “Faith by itself, if it is not accompanied by action is dead.” Mike Seamark also loves to quote the words of the Irish philosopher Edmund Burke, who some centuries ago, wrote, “Nobody makes a greater mistake than he who does nothing, because he can only do a little.”

Finally, a mention of our Group membership. Over the years, many ordinary, and extraordinary, people have answered God’s call and given generously of their time and talents to fund-raise for the Group and, as an added bonus, contribute hugely to the social side of our htm. We are always on the lookout for new members and, if you feel moved to join our happy band of workers, please contact any CGWG Member.

The current members are Cynthia Bailey, Chris Clavey, Jeanette Devonport, Joe Dewart, Claire Ette, Richard Hartnell, Bob Seaman and Connie Willie.