Hello & Welcome to Wellingborough URC

Wellingborough URC has played a significant part in the life of Wellingborough and is affectionately known within the local community has either  ‘The Pork Pie Church’, due to it’s shape or ‘The Congo’ for it’s Congregational background. But for us, we simply know it as High St!

However, it isn’t the name or the shape of the building, it is the people that make the church what it was, what is today and what it is to become.

Therefore, we hope you will spend a few minutes browsing our website and find it a gateway to discover enough about us to want to know more.

Rev’d Martha McInnes, Elders, Members and Congregation.

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60 Years in Ministry

On Sunday 24th September we celebrated The Reverend John Slow’s 60 Years of Ministry with a special service at High St, followed by lunch in Salem Hall. Family and friends...

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HUB News

Sunday 3 September was a significant day in the life of the High Street Hub project. The Scheme was officially launched in Church (a public/community launch will take place in...

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Martin & Constance on Their Holidays

Martin & Constance at Wellingborough URCMartin Luther and Constance Coltman

Wellingborough United Reformed Church is celebrating a couple of key people this year.  One is Martin Luther, who was one of the reformers of the Roman Catholic church 500 years ago.  In addition, 100 years ago Constance Coltman was the first woman ordained in the Congregational Church of England and Wales.  This tradition is one strand of the URC.

Over the coming months two small figures representing Constance and Martin are spending some time with us at High Street.  Martin, will be with members and friends of the church.  Constance will be with Martha on her sabbatical, wherever that may take her.