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Wellingborough URC has played a significant part in the life of Wellingborough and is affectionately known within the local community has either  ‘The Pork Pie Church’, due to it’s shape or ‘The Congo’ for it’s Congregational background. But for us, we simply know it as High St!

However, it isn’t the name or shape of the building, it’s the people who make the church what it was, what it is today and what it will become.

Therefore, we hope you will spend a few minutes browsing our website and find it a gateway to discover enough about us to want to know more.

Elders, Members and Congregation.

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View from the pew

Sunday Morning Service 16th June 

Readings: Romans 5:1-5, John 16:12-15

A bit late this week, Fathers Day treats and work took precedence!

In early part of our service we were asked to consider and share the words we use to describe God. There were many suggestions, best friend, creator, guide, power and energy were just a few.

These of course are all terms which are personal to us, come from our understanding of God and are easily explained, but today is Trinity Sunday the day when we celebrate the Christian belief of the three Persons of God: the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. A concept which isnt so easily explained!

Even for devout Christians it isn’t a belief easily explained. The monks of Fountains Abbey, Yorkshire, delivered a sermon every Sunday of the year except on Trinity Sunday. Why? “Owing to the difficulty of the subject,” was the explanation!

Although the term ‘three persons in one’ isn’t mentioned in the bible there are many building blocks where it can be seen. It is however thought to have come from the early Christians understanding of what they had witnessed and heard about God. 

And while not easily explained, the Trinity is still a model by which churches and Christians can live out the mission of God, through Loving, Giving and Receiving.
View from the pew
Sunday Morning Service 9th June
Reading - Acts 1:4-5, 8

Today’s service, our Family Service, led by our Worship & Music groups looked at the “Promise, Presence and Power of the Holy Spirit” which was sent by Jesus to his followers 50 days after Easter Sunday (Pentecost).

The special gift which Jesus gave to his disciples arrived some 10 days later in the form of an howling wind and tongues of fire, the Holy Spirit.

The Holy Spirit gave Jesus’s followers the power to go forward, change the world and build his church throughout the land, hence this event is now known as the Birthday of the Church.

But it wasn’t just power which Jesus’s followers received, it was the knowledge that that the presence of God would always be with them.
A view from the pews
Sunday morning service 1st June
Readings - Acts 16:16-24 & Acts 16:25-34

In our service today, we learnt about Paul and Silas, their visit to Europe to spread the word of Jesus Christ.  How they freed a servant girl, controlled by an evil spirit and used by her masters to make money from her fortune telling. 
Then how Paul & Silas were imprisoned for this act, but in the face of adversity sang hymns and prayed and then, when given the opportunity of freedom they choose instead, not to escape but give their jailer the opportunity of new life.
But for me the most important message from today was the parallel drawn between the servant girl and modern-day slavery, and how we as followers of Jesus should be looking to help those imprisoned through drink, drugs, and physical or mental slavery?


Stepwise, the United Reformed Church’s intergenerational discipleship programme became available on a phased basis from September 2018.

Stepwise aims to deepen discipleship and encourage Christian confidence in today’s world. Taking seriously the many and varied settings in which believers find themselves at work, play and involved in community life.

Stepwise is based around five broad subject streams, Faith-filled life, Faith-fuelled leadership, Faith-filled confidence, Faith-filled community and Faith-filled worship.

The programme provides participants with a combination of learning opportunities through project-based activities, online materials and support from a mentor.

For more information go to the Stepwise website or watch the introductory video to the right.

Introductory Video