About us – our centrally-located church draws its congregation from the whole of Wellingborough, surrounding villages and towns further afield. Wellingborough has a population of about 76,000 which is projected to expand by 30% over the next 10-15 years.

We recognise it is vital for churches to maintain relevance in our fast moving society whilst upholding tradition. Here at Wellingborough we are fortunate to have about 70 regular worshippers in our Sunday congregation. However, many more attend different weekday activities; we see the development of links between Sunday and weekday church a priority. In particular, encouraging children and young people, together with their parents/carers, to build a stronger relationship with the church.

As a spirit-led community, understand that our own spiritual growth is essential. Recognising that through encouragement our community is able to grow in confidence so that the gospel may be more widely known in wider community in Wellingborough.

We are very proud and privileged to be stewards of two very different historical buildings, High St and Salem Hall. As both buildings hold some prominence in the town a further priority is to ensure they are well maintained. Additionally, they are enhanced, when and where feasible, so as to retain their beauty yet appeal to future generations.

We have also been very influential in the instigation and development of The Victoria Centre. Originally built as an extension of High St, it is now a multi-cultural and multi-faith community centre. The centre is now run by it’s own management team, of which we have two members.