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HUB News

Sunday 3 September was a significant day in the life of the High Street Hub project.

The Scheme was officially launched in Church (a public/community launch will take place in May 2018).
This was done as part of a service with a sketch featuring ‘Bob the Builder’ who was more of a Mr Bean as he stumbled about with the ever increasing load of bricks handed to him by the Hub Fundraising Group. During the Sketch cards were handed out to everyone present asking for support to ‘carry the load’. These cards will continue to be around for others to fill in.

After the service a Church meeting was held and a unanimous decision taken for permission for the Fundraising Group to apply for Heritage funding from the Lottery as and when they see fit. This is still some way off as final figures are not yet in from the Architect and quotes will need to be sorted for work to be done. We also need to raise 50% of the cost for some of the funders we are planning to approach, so lots of exciting but hard work ahead.

Many thanks to all who have already filled in a card. Some people will no doubt be giving a lump sum, helping us to build up the funds quickly, whilst others might need to promise to raise a certain sum. There are other/additional options of helping too listed on the card so no-one is left out. Please pick one up and return it to Claire Ette or put it in the collection plate or one of the builders hats (in an envelope ad-dressed to Claire if you wish it to remain private).

Using words from the Bob the Builder song our sketch ended with “Can we do it?” “YES WE CAN!” Let’s repeat that to each other when the going gets tough.