“Christenings”, “Blessings”, “Thanksgivings for the Birth of a Child” are all part of the rituals the church offers to celebrate a child’s life. Becoming a parent is an exciting and daunting time. Sometimes families want to pause and thank God for the gift of their child. At other times, families decide, though they may have been parents for awhile, that they want to gather the family together and remember they have a responsibility to help raise a child and are grateful for that child.

The church is a place you can come to celebrate your child and your family—whatever shape your family takes. These services may be included in a Sunday morning service or may be at another time. They include a variety of promises made by the parents and others to the child. They include prayers for the family and the child.

We want to help you celebrate your family. If you are interested in knowing more, feel free to ring the church office. Someone will then contact you to discuss how we can create a special memory for your family and welcome your child into God’s family.