Baptism and Blessings are all part of the rituals the church offers to celebrate a child’s life. Becoming a parent is an exciting and daunting time. Families want to thank God for the gift of their child and remember their responsibilities to help raise a child.

The church is a place you can come to celebrate your child and your family—whatever shape your family takes. The services include a variety of promises made by the parents and others to the child. They include prayers for the family and the child.

Baptisms for children and adults are available after a discussion with the minister. They take place within the Sunday service at a date co-ordinated with the families and the ministers.

In addition, we offer a Blessing service to families from the wider community. Blessings take place after Sunday morning following our regular worship, at a date coordinated with the minister. They are a personal service with only 2 or 3 families at a time. An experienced team is in place to organise the Blessings. An Elder will visit the family to confirm the details and explain what will happen on the day.

We want to help you celebrate your family. To find out more information please call the church office.