Access Ramp & Glass Doors

One of the key aims of this project is to improve accessibility and security of the Church. This will be accomplished by installing a new access ramp and automated electric doors at the front of the building.

As well as improving access and security, the doors will help protect and increase visibility of our war memorial. These doors will also improve thermal insulation by decreasing the level of draughts entering the building.

Also as part of this phase we will improve lighting around the steps, and the porch to illuminate the War Memorial.


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News & Updates

The Hub Project – Phase 1 – Completed!

With only a few finishing off touches outstanding, the work on our new access ramp and glass doors has been completed.
Our minister Chris led us in prayer and blessings before returning to worship in Church for the first time in 6 months.
A big thank you to everyone who has supported us or worked on this project, especially, GSSArchitecture, WW Brown & Sons Builders, IQ Glass UK and the HUB Project team from the church.

Phase 1 Completed

Finished Mains Steps and Doors
Finished Steps Salem Lane Entrance
Finished Steps Queen St Entrance
Prayers and Blessing First Sunday Back

Hub Project Phase 1 – Groundworks & Masonry

Steps removed, groundwork completed and brickwork started.

Work started well, with the removal of the original stone steps, giving us an insight into the original construction of the building. Unfortunately the  the preparation and groundworks work for the Access Ramp had to be put on hold for a few days  due to vagaries of the British weather! However our builders WW Brown & Son's have made good progress since, and all of the groundworks have been completed and the brickwork for the new steps are taking shape. The bricks chosen for this job are Cambridge Buff, handmade by Imperial Bricks from Bridgnorth.

The completion date for Phase 1 is on course for early June.


Groundwork & Masonry

Taking up old path
Snow stops work
Old steps removed
Preparations for the new footings
Footings complete
Masonry for new steps